Workers’ Compensation Hearings

If you have suffered a workplace injury and your employer has denied or disputes your claim or refuses to pay you workers’ comp benefits, you have the right to request a workers’ comp hearing. The purpose of the hearing is to formally present your case and any evidence supporting it, with the intention of resolving the denial of the claim. The hearing is less formal than a trial and is presided over by an administrative law judge. There are no juries involved in a workers’ comp hearing.

During the hearing, you will be expected to provide evidence in favor of your workers’ compensation claim, and witnesses may be called on to testify on your behalf. After the hearing, the judge will review all of the documentation and evidence of the case and the laws applicable to workers’ compensation in the state. The administrative law judge will make the final ruling and announce the findings on the disputed issues. It is very unlikely that the judge will make the ruling at the hearing itself. The laws surrounding workers’ comp can be complex and the procedures for a hearing are very specific. It would be in your best interest to retain the services of an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer, such as those at McAleer Law, in order to assist you to obtain the desired results of your hearing.

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