Why Hire an Attorney to Represent Your Social Security Disability Claim?

Social Security law is very complex and highly regulated, and there are many rulings and regulations that someone who doesn’t regularly work with the Social Security Administration wouldn’t know. It’s important to use an experienced Social Security disability attorney in your appeal(s) and any hearing(s) where you are seeking to obtain Social Security disability benefits.

While non-attorney representatives are also allowed to present cases before Social Security, the maximum fees that may be charged by both attorneys and non-attorneys are the same, and your representative can only charge a limited fee if they help you win your case (currently 25% of past due benefits or a maximum of $6,000).

The window of opportunity to pursue your claim while insured is very small. Given the significant medical and income benefits at stake, you need an experienced Social Security Disability attorney who can guide you through the litigation process and assist you in preparing and presenting your claim before the Administrative Law Judge who will ultimately rule on your claim.

In general, your chances of a successful appeal are much greater if you are represented by an experienced attorney like those at McAleer Law. They can advocate for your rights, and may even be able to help you obtain a favorable ruling on your case even before your court date if the medical records in your claim support an on-the-record ruling prior.

If you have questions about your Social Security Disablity claim, call the experienced attorneys at McAleer Law.

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