What to do After a Car Accident

One of the first things an injured car accident victim should do following their wreck is call an attorney. The experienced lawyers at The McAleer Law Firm are recognized as the best injury lawyers in metro Atlanta. In certain instances, an injured plaintiff may be able to bring a lawsuit against parties other than the at-fault driver whose negligence caused the accident. One such scenario would be that if the at-fault driver did not own the car he or she was driving at the time of your accident, the owner of the vehicle may also be liable for damages arising from your injuries. Another scenario could involve an at-fault driver who caused an accident due to impairment from drinking too much alcohol. In that case, the injured victim may be able to sue the bar or business that served the alcohol to the at-fault driver for serving a visibly impaired individual.

In other cases, injured parties may be able to file a complaint against automobile manufacturer if it is determined that a defect in the at-fault party’s vehicle caused the accident. If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident with a tractor-trailer, any violations of state and federal laws and regulations by the at-fault driver may lay the foundation for a suit against not only the driver, but his employer as well. The skilled Georgia traffic collision lawyers of our firm will guide you as to what you should and should not do as your case proceeds. If you have been injured as the result of a motor vehicle accident, contact The McAleer Law Firm for a free initial consultation regarding your case and your legal rights.

Our Georgia Personal Injury Lawyers Fight Diligently to Protect Our Clients’ Interests

Charles McAleer heads our firm under the guiding principles of fairness, justice and perseverance. Our attorneys are dedicated in their advocacy on behalf of injury victims who have been involved in motor vehicle accidents in Georgia. The McAleer Law Firm can provide legal representation to injured clients in Cobb, DeKalb, Fulton and Gwinnett counties, as well as throughout the state of Georgia, as well as assist in responding to questions involving automobile accidents and personal injuries sustained in Georgia motor vehicle accidents. If you have been injured in a car accident in Georgia, our personal injury attorneys will fight to obtain a fair settlement for your general and special damages, including taking measures to punish the at-fault driver for his or her reckless behavior.

Automobile Accidents — Liability Overview

One of the most prevalent type of civil lawsuits filed in Georgia courts are those arising from personal injury cases involving motor vehicle accidents. Statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show that car accidents happen every ten seconds in the United States. Throughout Georgia, automobile accident cases are typically controlled by tort law. Under Georgia tort law, drivers are obligated to exercise proper, ordinary and reasonable care while operating their vehicles. Failure to do so is deemed to be a tort for which a legal action can be brought for recovery for damages. Individuals who are negligent in the operation of their motor vehicles in Georgia should be held responsible for their actions and one way to do so is for them to pay for damages to either people or their property caused by the individual’s negligence. In order to be able to monetarily recover, however, the injured plaintiff must prove that the at-fault driver was negligent in the operation of his or her vehicle, that the at-fault driver’s negligence proximately caused the accident and that the accident caused the plaintiff’s injuries.

Injured victims of a serious car accident should contact the experienced automobile accident attorneys at The McAleer Law Firm as soon as possible for legal advice.

Compensation for Personal Injuries

In most cases, an individual injured in a car accident can bring a civil claim or lawsuit against one or more negligent parties in order to receive compensation for damages such as property damage, reasonable and related medical expenses, loss of earnings, physical and mental pain and suffering, and, when applicable, punitive damages. There are numerous complexities involved in the litigation of a civil tort action arising from an automobile accident. In order to best protect your rights and place yourself in a position to receive maximum recovery through settlement or a jury award, you should retain a skilled Georgia car accident personal injury attorney (Charles McAleer, Esq.) with experience in the calculation of automobile accident damages.

Reporting an Insurance Claim

It is important to remember that if you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, you should stay at the scene until the police arrive, even if the collision was low impact. While waiting for police assistance, you should exchange driver’s license and liability insurance information with the at-fault driver. If either of the drivers involved in the accident are found to have any criminal liability, they can later be prosecuted for leaving the scene before being formally dismissed by the investigating officer.

Anyone injured in a car wreck should contact the broker or agent responsible for his or her liability insurance as soon as safely possible. Normally, this will happen once the injured party returns home following their serious automobile accident. The injured party may call his or her insurance company to report the accident before going to the doctor as well. Before speaking to your agent or broker, it is advisable to review the Coverages and Exclusions page of your liability insurance policy so that you are already aware of the extent of insurance coverage, if any, you have available to you in connection with your car accident.

Negligent Drivers Who Are Uninsured or Underinsured

Georgia law requires that motor vehicles be covered by a liability insurance policy, however, not everyone abides by these rules. Some negligent drivers do not comply with the Georgia motor vehicle insurance rules for various reasons, such as lack of financial resources to pay for a liability insurance policy or ignorance of their responsibilities under the law. Others simply purchase policies that provide less than adequate coverage in the event of an accident.

Uninsured motorist (UM) and underinsured motorist (UIM) coverage are available to Georgia drivers to add on to their liability insurance coverage as a way to protect themselves should they be involved in an accident with a driver and/or vehicle that is either not insured or carries inadequate coverage. UM coverage generally pays for damages related to the injured party’s personal injuries sustained in a car accident with a negligent driver who is not covered by an insurance policy. UIM coverage generally pays for damages related to the injured party’s personal injuries sustained in a car accident with a negligent driver whose liability insurance limits are lower than those carried by the injured victim.

Automobile Accident Cases — Other Important Information

Thousands of automobile accidents happen on Georgia roadways every year with the unfortunate consequence of personal injuries being sustained in a large percentage of those wrecks. The skilled personal injury lawyers at The McAleer Law Firm are experienced litigators who have obtained notable recoveries for our clients, many of whom suffered serious personal injuries as the result of traffic collisions throughout the metro Atlanta area and statewide.

In asserting a claim for personal injuries sustained in a car wreck, there are several key components to your case of which you must be aware; otherwise, you could harm your ability to recover for your damages. Injured parties must be able to present evidence showing that the at-fault driver was negligent in his or her operation of the vehicle at the time of your accident. If that is not the case, you must then be able to present evidence that a defect in either the defendant’s vehicle or the roadway was the cause of the accident in which you were injured. Determination of liability is one of the first steps to be taken in any case involving an accident. Our experienced attorneys have seasoned knowledge of the intricacy of car wrecks, thus providing us with a clear advantage in maximizing recovery for our injured clients.

Eligibility for Monetary Recovery for Motor Vehicle Accident

Georgia law allows individuals injured in automobile wrecks to bring a suit through the proper court against the at-fault party. Injured drivers, passengers or pedestrians can all make claims against the negligent drivers who caused their accidents for compensation for damages such as medical expenses, lost wages and physical and mental pain and suffering. However, in order to be successful in doing so, the injured party must prove that the traffic collision was all (or mostly) the fault of the driver that struck him or her.

The McAleer Law Firm has experienced car accident attorneys on staff who specialize in recovering for damages arising from motor vehicle wrecks. Our lawyers will work diligently to hold those at fault for your accident responsible for their carelessness.

Our personal injury accident attorneys offer educated, dependable legal advice and have the knowledge and experience to fully prepare the strongest case possible in order to assist injured clients in obtaining justice through a substantial insurance settlement or jury verdict. In doing so, we will gather all evidence, including police reports, medical records and bills, and statements from lay witnesses and experts, for presentation to the insurance company and/or jury to assist with full evaluation of your case.

The aggressive automobile accident lawyers at The McAleer Law Firm will fight to reach the best possible insurance settlement or jury verdict to compensate you fairly for your injuries and damages. If your case does not reach a favorable outcome during litigation, our attorneys are experienced in appealing to the Georgia Court of Appeals and the Georgia Supreme Court. If you have been the victim of a car accident that was not your fault and the at-fault driver failed to exercise proper, ordinary and reasonable care in the operation of his or her vehicle, contact our firm at 404-622-5337, where our expert attorneys will be more than willing to assist you in evaluating your potential personal injury case and appraising your damages to provide you with a better feel for the potential worth of your claim.

Client Testimonials
"I went to Charles after I was hit in a car accident last year. He, and especially his paralegals, were very considerate and actually cared about me. They helped me BIG time..My settlement was way more than I could even imagine. They are great about keeping you in the loop and getting your case done fast." Lauren
“Charles handled a personal injury suit that was primarily for symptoms that were not simple to demonstrate to the jury. Throughout the case Charles was professional and well prepared. We won an excellent settlement for this type of case.” Cindy
“After my case was turned down by several firms, I asked Mr. McAleer to review my case. He did, and he thought he could win it. The insurance company did not offer me one dime, even at trial and after the jury was deliberating. The Gwinnett jury returned a verdict in my favor for $300,000. I was in tears. I will always be thankful to Mr. McAleer for believing in my case and in me.” R.S.