Types of Bicycle Cases & Resulting Injuries

Just like pedestrians, bicyclists are at risk for accidents as well. Georgia bike lawyers can be contacted for consultation regarding the numerous kinds of bicycle injuries that occur in Georgia. Bicyclists and car drivers have equal rights when traveling on the road, a fact that the majority of car drivers do not heed.

Bicyclists tend to be overlooked by drivers who are either distracted while talking on their cell phones or who simply fail to pay enough attention to what surrounds them on the road. It is not uncommon for drivers to turn illegally in front of bicyclists or to open their car doors while parked at a curb without first ensuring that a bicyclist isn’t riding in the next lane over. Wrongful death can occur when a bicyclist is struck and killed by a vehicle backing out of a side street or driveway.

The expertise and proficiency of knowledgeable Georgia bicycle personal injury attorneys are of great importance in litigating a bicycle injury case. For instance, it may be necessary to retain experts in the areas of orthopedic medicine, life care planning and accident reconstruction for cases involving bicycle accidents in order to address issues such as visibility, severity of injuries and projected future medical expenses. Bicyclists involved in an accident are often frightened and distressed. The human body, especially that of a child, is not built to withstand an impact with a vehicle weighing 9,000 pounds or more. Oftentimes, bicycle injuries involving children can occur when a supervising adult does not ensure that a child wears a helmet. Failure to wear proper protective headgear significantly raises the likelihood of the child sustaining a brain injury.

Common injuries sustained in bicycle accidents are “road rash”-type burns and bone fractures and can range from minor to severe. In the event that you sustain serious injuries in a bicycle accident, it is in your best interest to call experienced hit by a vehicle while riding a bike or hit and run lawyers as soon as possible. If you are contacted by an insurance company before you have retained an attorney, you should not provide a recorded statement to the insurance representative. McAleer Law can provide you with answers to questions that are among those most frequently asked of bicycle accidents lawyers in Georgia. Depending upon the particular facts of your case, your bicycle accident may lead to you being entitled to receive compensation for your injuries.

Client Testimonials
"I went to Charles after I was hit in a car accident last year. He, and especially his paralegals, were very considerate and actually cared about me. They helped me BIG time..My settlement was way more than I could even imagine. They are great about keeping you in the loop and getting your case done fast." Lauren
“Charles handled a personal injury suit that was primarily for symptoms that were not simple to demonstrate to the jury. Throughout the case Charles was professional and well prepared. We won an excellent settlement for this type of case.” Cindy
“After my case was turned down by several firms, I asked Mr. McAleer to review my case. He did, and he thought he could win it. The insurance company did not offer me one dime, even at trial and after the jury was deliberating. The Gwinnett jury returned a verdict in my favor for $300,000. I was in tears. I will always be thankful to Mr. McAleer for believing in my case and in me.” R.S.