Tour & Charter Bus Accidents

Injuries from tour or charter bus collisions vary from whiplash, to broken bones, even to severe head trauma or death. The attorneys at McAleer Law can assist injured victims in receiving full compensation for damages such as medical expenses, lost wages, and physical and mental pain and suffering arising from personal injuries sustained in tour bus accidents. Accidents involving tour bus companies are often caused by overloading of the bus with luggage and/or passengers or insufficient training for drivers.

As in automobile accident cases, there may be third parties who are also liable for your injuries and resultant damages. In the example casino bus, it is possible that the casino might be liable as a co-venturer, joint venturer, or partner of the tour bus company. The casino could also potentially be liable if it provided subsidies to either the tour bus operator or the negligent driver in the form of commissions or kick-backs.

Georgia law requires that casinos regularly inspect tour buses, as well as ensuring tour bus companies are not negligent in their hiring practices. For example, failing to run background checks for drivers may result in the hiring of an employee who has a documented history of driving while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, thus placing the tour bus operator’s passengers at increased risk of injury.

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