SUV Rollover Facts

SUVs are in a specialized category of vehicle crashes because of additional risks involved when these vehicles loose their lateral and vertical stability and pose a roll over threat. Rollover crashes often involve serious head trauma because the head is much more exposed when a vehicle is on its roof, which then can cave in and cause of the occupant’s head to strike a hard surface which often leads to severe brain trauma. The statistics show that SUV roof crush from a rollover has more than a 60% percent chance of causing death when compared to just 19% nineteen percent when a passenger car crashes.

SUVs have a much higher center of gravity than that of cars. In addition to this higher center of gravity, SUV’s are much heavier than passenger cars. These physical properties cause SUVs to roll over well before a car would. The National Highway Traffic Safety Association’s (“NHTSA”) statistics show that almost 80% percent of victims that die in an SUV crash are killed because of a rollover followed by a collapsing crush. People killed in roof crush cases involved passenger cars show a death rate of only 40%. Despite these facts, SUV’s are still in very high demand!

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