SUV & Motor Vehicle Rollover

The Atlanta, Georgia law firm of McAleer Law litigates SUV and passenger vehicle rollover cases, including those involving vans. We have an excellent reputation for getting injured victims involved in rollover accidents.

Automobiles along with all other cars are not supposed to roll over under normal driving parameters. There are car models that are however prone to roll over under normal expected driving conditions. These cars are often times prone to roll over because of an unsafe design. Ford, Mazda and other SUVs, trucks, and vans have been in the news over the years about the dangers of roll over.

In fact, many small truck manufacturers have been named as defendants in numerous lawsuits around the country. When a motor vehicle does roll over and cause injury to passengers, engineering expert witnesses are hired by McAleer Law to examine and determine the cause of the roll over.

If you have been involved in a roll over accident that causes serious injury or wrongful death, vital evidence will have to be protected immediately. Do not let the insurance company take the car — keep it or consult with McAleer Law so that we can secure the vehicle so that engineers and experts can thoroughly inspect the vehicle to determine the cause of the roll over. McAleer Law has the reputation and experience to fight large car manufacturers and their law firms.

If you suffered a head injury after an SUV roll over, or other injuries caused by roof crush, call us now! Our attorneys can be reached any time: 404.MCALEER. We will visit you at home or in the hospital to speak to you about your claim.

Our SUV roll over personal injury lawyers will diligently investigate the causes of your injuries, will gather witness statements before memories fade, order all police and accident investigation reports, and preserve all evidence vital to your case. We then turn our sights to work up your case to ensure the maximum recovery under the law.

We assist clients throughout Georgia. Located in Atlanta, we are just an hour or so away from most large cities in Atlanta, such as Columbus, Augusta and Macon, to name a few.

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