School Bus Accidents

Injuries suffered from school bus accidents range from broken bones and soft tissue injuries, to serious brain and spine injuries, and even death. Hiring an experienced personal injury attorney from McAleer Law will ensure that your case is properly analyzed and that full compensation is rendered.

The experienced attorneys at McAleer Law will help injured victims understand the multitude of legal issues and determine whether or not your case involves only the school district or whether there are other potential defendants that are responsible for your child’s injuries.

If your child has been harmed in a school bus accident, let us assist you in determining if your are entitled to compensation for damages.

School Bus Crash Statistics

School buses are the single largest form of transportation in the U.S. Accidents involving school buses result in hundreds of fatalities and injuries in the U.S. each year. Generally, school buses are safe forms of transportation for our kids. However, tragic accidents and injuries do occur and are sometimes unavoidable.

Since 1990, 1,450 people have died in school bus accidents and of these, 67% were in other cars and vehicles and another 25% were pedestrians or cyclists.

An average of 19 school-aged children are killed in school bus accidents annually — five of which were bus occupants and 14 pedestrians Accidents involving child fatalities occur most often in the afternoon when the kids are getting off the bus.

For more information on school bus safety and statistics, click here.

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