Rights of Injured Workers

Workers’ compensation is a system set up by law to ensure that injured workers are compensated for an injury or accident on the job. If you were injured while working, you will likely receive a reduced amount of weekly benefits for lost time plus medical and related expenses. Workers’ compensation can be a legally complex area that an employee may not fully understand. Many of workers never thought that they would be injured and out of work, and may not be aware or their rights. At McAleer Law we firmly recommend the services of a skilled and experienced Atlanta workers’ compensation attorney to make certain that you know your rights and how they apply to your case.

Injured employees who don’t work with a workers’ compensation attorney may agree to something less than what they need and what they are owed. Employers and their insurance company may also have various defenses and legal actions that are intended to limit or deny your benefits. The attorneys at McAleer Law have helped many workers in both of these situations.

Basic Rights

Your workers’ compensation rights include, but are not limited to:

  • Medical, rehabilitation and income benefits.
  • Reimbursement for costs related to travelling to your treatment.
  • A list of at least six doctors from whom to choose your care. You may also change doctors from this list without the approval of your employer.
  • Special benefits if your injury makes you unable to do the work you did before the injury.
  • Benefits if you return to work but to a lesser paying job due to your injury.
  • Payment of a penalty if you do not receive your benefits when they are due.
  • Benefits to dependents if an on-the-job injury is the cause of death.

As with most laws, there are specific regulations and provisions in workers’ compensation that need to be understood. There are rules regarding the amounts of payments and how long these payments may last. When you are armed with the correct information and have a skilled professional attorney working for you, your chances of obtaining full and proper compensation are greatly increased.

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