Returning to Work After an Injury

The intention of the Georgia Workers’ Compensation Act is to ensure that injured workers return to work as quickly as possible. Your employer and the insurance company will therefore take action to get you back to work as soon as they feel you are ready. At McAleer Law, we are aware that workers are sometimes pushed to return to work before they are able. When this occurs, it is best to consult with a knowledgeable workers’ compensation lawyer who knows your rights under Georgia workers’ compensation law.

The decision to return to work is a medical one. Neither your employer nor the insurance company can make this decision. Unfortunately, the doctor you use will be chosen from a list supplied by your employer, and their job is to get you back to work as soon as possible. If a doctor consistently keeps individuals out of work, they will likely not receive further referrals from the insurance company. You may be asked to work before you are able or in a way that you do not feel is correct.

Workers’ comp injuries are classified as “catastrophic” or “non-catastrophic.” Regardless of how your injury is viewed, you will likely be asked at some point to return to work. You might be asked to return to a light-duty job or to return to your former job but with specific limitations. You may be offered reemployment benefits if you cannot return to your previous job. These benefits allow for a worker to be retrained with new knowledge and skills, so that they can once again be employed. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney like those at McAleer Law can help determine which, if any, of these situations may be best for you.

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