Our Record of Success

At The McAleer Law Firm, P.C., our clients work with experienced lawyers who give their case the time, diligence, and personal attention it deserves. Our goals are to deliver complete top quality legal services and practices and to ensure our clients are satisfied with the results of their case.

Measurable Results

McAleer Law has a proven track record of success. Below are some of the damages we’ve recovered for our clients:

  • $15,000,000 settlement in 2011 on behalf of workers injured when a pedestrian bridge collapsed.

  • $10,000,000 settlement in 2017 with an insurer who failed to pay its $100,000 policy limits on a wrongful death claim and ultimately agreed to pay $10,000,000.

  • $9,000,000 settlement for a Family that Lost their Father in a Wrongful Death Case Involving a Big Rig and a Motorcycle… [Read more]

  • $8,134,739 verdict in November 2017 for medical malpractice clients, William and Victoria Glynn… [Read more]

  • $5,830,000 Fulton County jury verdict in 2009 for a woman who was tragically killed by a drunk driver. The verdict included $715,000 for pain and suffering the client experienced prior to death.

  • $4,000,000 settlement in 2015 for a worker who was crushed when an overhead hoist fell, killing the worker almost instantly. The McAleer Law firm brought a negligence case against the company responsible for commissioning and load testing the hoist. This company neglected to inform the worker's employer that the hoist was missing safety devices designed to keep the hoist from coming off of its rails.

  • $3,000,000-$5,000,000 in value of benefits awarded in a 2008 workers’ compensation award in which the judge found that our client’s recent onset of diabetes, secondary neuropathy, weight gain, sleep apnea, pulmonary obstructive lung disease, and congestive heart failure were all injuries stemming from a 1995 work related car wreck in which our client suffered a neck injury. The judge found that the combination of the client’s 1995 injuries and these new superadded injuries satisfied the requirements for catastrophic designation and lifetime catastrophic benefits were awarded to our client, including housing modifications, new transportation and home health care.

  • $2,000,000 settlement in 2012 for a client who was struck by a vehicle while she was walking down a sidewalk in DeKalb County. The client suffered from a spleen laceration, a left obturator arterial bleed, and multiple orthopedic injuries, including right tibia-fibula fracture, left tibia plateau fracture, and left pelvic fracture. She also suffered spinal injuries including a T12 fracture and transverse process fractures over the left L2, L4, L5 level. Our client was also diagnosed with pneumothorax. The vehicle that struck our client had only minimum insurance coverage of $25,000. However, because the insurer failed to respond in a timely manner to our settlement demand for the policy limits of $25,000, the insurer exposed its insured to an excess verdict. Given the severity of the injuries involved, we convinced the insurer to settle for eighty times the policy limits.

  • $1,800,000 settlement for an accident with Tractor Trailer leads to Serious Spinal Injuries… [Read more]

  • $1,375,000 settlement in 2009 for a client whose medical providers perforated her colon during what should have been a routine hysteroscopy which led to a significant post-surgical infection which the hospital staff ignored.

  • $1,029,850 settlement in 2011 for a case involving a construction worker who fell approximately 40 feet to the ground. He sustained fractures of the first two vertebrae of his lower spine and right fibula, as well as an ulnar nerve injury in his left elbow which required two rounds of surgical intervention. The nerve injury ultimately failed to heal, resulting in loss of full functionality of the client’s left hand and arm.

  • $850,000 in 2012 for a workers’ compensation claim for a worker who was severely injured in a car accident while on his way to work. The employer alleged that since the worker was on his way to work, his claim was not covered by workers’ compensation. We claimed that the worker was on a special mission for the employer and was a traveling employee at the time of the wreck.

  • $500,000 settlement in 2017 for a young boy that was bitten on the forehead by a dog (Labrador Retriever) while he was playing at a friend's house.

  • $336,024 in 2012 for a case involving a worker who fell approximately 30 feet to the ground. He sustained three fractured ribs, a liver laceration, a cardiopulmonary/breathing injury and a left shoulder impingement that required surgery.

  • $300,000 jury verdict in June, 2010 for a woman who was involved in a side impact (t-bone) collision in which she sustained non-surgical soft tissue injuries to her back.

  • $250,000 settlement in July, 2009, after a jury began to deliberate our client’s automobile collision case in which our client fractured her ankle.

  • $250,000 personal injury client who was the victim of road rage / drive by shooting

  • $175,000 personal injury client, a teacher, who was rear ended and had approximately $22,000 in medical expenses

  • $120,000 workers’ compensation case where a hospital employee injured lower back due to slip and fall on wet floor while at work, sustaining significant injuries.

  • $110,000 in 2011 for a dog bite case where a pit bull bit the client’s hand, causing her to require surgery for torn ligaments in her hand.

  • $110,000 workers’ compensation case where auto dealership employee injured lower back in slip and fall in workplace and where ongoing pain management treatment was required post-surgery.

  • $93,000, $75,000 of which was for punitive damages, jury verdict in October 2010, for a woman who was inappropriately touched on her buttocks. This is the largest verdict ever for this particular type of case.

  • $92,500 in 2011 for a case involving a certified nursing assistant who fell while on the job. A third party cleaning company was responsible for cleaning the facility where our client worked and that company’s employee failed to post wet floor signs at the entrance of the room which our client was entering. She sustained injuries to her neck, right wrist, right shoulder, back, and right knee. She also sustained a torn ACL in her left knee and a torn rotator cuff in her left shoulder. She underwent surgery on the left shoulder, but continued to experience significant pain post-operatively. Her medical expenses totaled approximately $19,000.

  • $85,000 workers’ compensation case where warehouse employee injured low back through repetitive lifting.

  • $84,000 workers’ compensation case where forklift operator sustained injuries to the back, chest, and head while operating a forklift which fell off the back of a truck.

  • $75,400 workers’ compensation case where long-term employee of auto assembly plant sustained injuries to both arms and elbows due to repetitive use.

  • Workers’ compensation: successful trial where clients were awarded survivor death benefits when their husband/father, a school janitor, died after an asthma attack at work.
Client Testimonials
"I went to Charles after I was hit in a car accident last year. He, and especially his paralegals, were very considerate and actually cared about me. They helped me BIG time..My settlement was way more than I could even imagine. They are great about keeping you in the loop and getting your case done fast." Lauren
“Charles handled a personal injury suit that was primarily for symptoms that were not simple to demonstrate to the jury. Throughout the case Charles was professional and well prepared. We won an excellent settlement for this type of case.” Cindy
“After my case was turned down by several firms, I asked Mr. McAleer to review my case. He did, and he thought he could win it. The insurance company did not offer me one dime, even at trial and after the jury was deliberating. The Gwinnett jury returned a verdict in my favor for $300,000. I was in tears. I will always be thankful to Mr. McAleer for believing in my case and in me.” R.S.