Injuries to Children

Our personal injury attorneys are best suited to advise parents and guardians in working through injuries to children. Adults to whom the care of children is entrusted owe a duty to keep children safe and provide for them a secure environment. As it is, parents cannot be in all places at all times so we often entrust our duties to care for children to either other adults, schools, and other institutions outside the home and trust that these persons take their job as seriously as we do.

Atlanta’s child abuse attorneys at McAleer Law know that bad things can and do happen. Many unfortunate injuries and trauma can result from negligent care including, suffocation, amputation, concussions; skull injuries, bones fractures and spinal injury which can result in paralysis, vision loss, or horrific disfigurement.

It is heartbreaking, especially for a parent, to see a child suffer from a severe injury. If injury does happen, a parent will stop at nothing to learn who is responsible.

Typical Causes of Injuries to Children

  • Watercraft incidents
  • Dog bites and animal attacks
  • ATV’s and other off-road vehicle accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Swimming pools
  • Burn injuries
  • School Bus Stop accidents and collisions
  • Car wrecks
  • Bicycle collisions
  • Pedestrian incidents

If you need assistance and guidance with a child injury case, contact McAleer Law. We are the go to child injury attorneys in Georgia and have the expertise and experience to help you. As with most injury cases, there is no fee unless we win or settle your case. Call us now at 404.MCALEER.

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