Injuries Suffered by Healthcare Employees

Health care employees provide a valuable service to all members of the community. Unfortunately, health care injuries do occur, because medical professionals function in a high-risk environment. among other factor, needles, infected blood, large equipment, and volatile patients, present chances for health care injuries and incidents.

If you suffer any type of workplace injury as a medical professional you should contact an attorney that understands the additional complications of cases related to healthcare incidents.

McAleer Law understands how these types of events can dramatically change your liife and career. Our attorneys can handle personal injury claims, third-party claims, as well as your workers’ compensation case. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation to discuss all your legal options concerning your health care injuries.

Representing All Types of Medical Professionals

Charles McAleer and his team, have experience pursuing workplace injury claims for all types of medical professionals, such as:

  • Registered nurses (RN)
  • Certified nurses’ assistants (CNA)
  • Doctors
  • Nursing home workers
  • Hospital workers
  • Technicians

Whether you have suffered a slip and fall or been attacked by a patient, we are here to represent your interests and help you recover compensation for your injuries. If you have been hurt by equipment such as an x-ray machine or a gurney, or have been exposed to infection because of defective equipment or mishandling by a colleague, we can help you analyze whether your case has merit and who the liable parties are.

Because the medical profession demands exacting skill, an injury that can severely affect your ability to perform your duties at a high level can be costly and devastating to your livelihood. We know how to take this into account when valuing your case and representing you throughout a workers’ compensation claim.

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