Head Injuries

Calculating the Cost of a Catastrophic Injury

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is one of the most difficult injuries to recover and rehabilitate from. When your loved one has been hurt in an accident that should never have happened, it is our job to help clients recover full financial compensation to help them stabilize their financial situation.

Taking care of a person with a brain injury can take a toll physically, financially, and emotionally on a family. The most severe type of brain injury involves someone who is in a coma. They may need 24 hour care for the rest of their lives.

Even what seems like a small bump on the head that resulted in a short period of unconsciousness can have long-term damage such as memory loss and personality changes. Often, the victims of mild head injuries do not even recognize that something is wrong. Their family members, however, notice that they are acting differently, perhaps their tempers are shorter, or that they do not seem to be able to remember things or are depressed. These are all symptoms of a brain injury.

If you have suffered recently from a car accident, truck accident or any other kind of accident in which you hit your head, it is wise to get proper medical care and diagnosis and seek the guidance of an attorney before you agree to any settlement with an insurance company. It can take time for you to understand the extent of these injuries and the kind of care that you or a loved one will need, which is another reason why you should not settle a claim immediately.

The McAleer Law Firm will leave no stone unturned in our investigation of your or your loved one’s accident, and our skilled analysis of expenses that you will need covered for the rest of your life. To discuss your questions and concerns about a head injury that you or a loved one has suffered, please call to arrange a free initial consultation with an experienced attorney: 404.MCALEER

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