Functional Capacity Evaluations

A functional capacity evaluation or FCE is a set of tests and evaluations that are combined to determine someone’s ability to function in a variety of circumstances.

The outcome of the FCE influences life-changing issues such as disability determination, return to work, employability, residual functional capacity, and continuation of treatment. The implications of these decisions are enormous.

A well-designed FCE is comprehensive, standardized yet flexible, safe, objective, practical, reliable, and valid. Reliability and validity are critical to trusting FCE results, yet all too often, the insurance companies hired by employers are biased against the worker.

A clear and unbiased FCE report should evaluate and include:

  • Overall level of work
  • Ability to tolerate an 8-hour work day
  • The number of tasks with self-limiting behavior
  • Inconsistencies in performance
  • Interpretations/conclusions

One way FCEs are misused is when the evaluator invalidly concludes that many of the patient’s limits are self-imposed rather than imposed by injury.

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