Frequent Causes of Brain Injuries

Accidents causing extensive brain injuries always have a devastating impact on the quality of lives of individuals and their families. Severe head impact injuries usually come with permanent, negative health issues such as traumatic brain injuries. The injury lawyers at McAleer Law focus their practice on helping those who have suffered head and brain injuries resulting from devastating yet preventable negligence.

We represent those who have suffered many injuries to the brain and the skull such as:

  • A Smashed Skull
  • Blows or strikes to the Head
  • Wrongful Death
  • Shaken Baby Syndrome
  • Trauma to the Head
  • Skull Fracture from Pedestrian, Bicycle and Motor Cycle Accidents
  • Birthing Injuries
  • Assault and Battery
Head Trauma Can Cause Serious Brain Injuries and Wrongful Death

Trauma to your skull and neck region can cause you a serious subdural hematoma, a concussion, swelling and water on the brain, hemorrhage, increase intracranial pressure. These conditions coupled with swelling can lead to hypoxic or anoxic brain injury. Many other types of problems stem from brain injury such as loss of mental ability which can interfere with the faculty of reason, emotions, thoughts and analysis. Sometimes a severe brain injury can lead to a coma, a persistent vegetative state, or to a wrongful death.

Common Causes of Brain Damage

Motor vehicle accidents are the most frequent brain, head, or skull injury in Georgia. Obviously, brain injury can be caused by an impact to the head, e.g., when the skull strikes the hard pavement after a fall from a bicycle, or from a motorcycle crash or from a head on vehicle collision. However, the brain can be injured even without a direct impact to the skull because the forces that a car wreck can impart on the brain when the brain quickly accelerates and decelerates after being involved in a traffic accident. This injury occurs just like in a whiplash injury. Thus, even without trauma to the skull, you can still suffer a head injury.

Many brain injuries are related to a sheering of the brain tissue and are not even caused by a direct blow to the head. A force that can cause whiplash can cause bleeding and bruising in the brain.

There are many aspects of the brain that must be considered when dealing with brain injuries.

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