Examples of a Complex Products Liability Case

Recently, a jury awarded fifty million dollars to a family that lost their father who was killed by an exploding water heater. This happened after the plaintiff was having ongoing trouble with a new water heater that had a malfunctioning pilot flame. A plumbing company which installed the unit attempted to repair the unit by changing out the unit’s thermocouple, but this did not do the job. Ultimately, the manufacturer dispatched a repairman to work on the problematic water heater. A problem was that this repairman was not properly versed on the updated safety rules that were standard practice in the water heater industry.

Then, the manufacturer instructed this repairman to replace a control valve but the customer service representative failed to establish that this repairman was qualified. Importantly, the corporate representative also failed to make sure that the part number for the new valve was compatible and would work on the water heater.

A few days after the last repairman left, the plaintiff had to go to his garage to again light the pilot flame. Since the replacement valve that was previously installed was not compatible with this hot water heater, it allowed gas to leak into the garage and when the home owner pressed the ignition button, a huge explosion resulted and caused the plaintiff to suffer from serious burn injuries and ultimately his death. In such a case, numerous depositions of repairmen and corporate representatives for multiple corporations were taken to finally figure out just how this tragic event was caused.

Other examples of products liability cases include exploding airbags, exploding bottles and tire tread separation, crashworthiness and SUV rollover cases.

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