Electrocution injuries, such as a wrongful death, occur when a person’s body comes into contact with an electrical circuit and by doing so gets trapped in a localized electrical arc. Electrical injury cases we handle include persons who come into contact with:

  • High-Voltage Powerlines
  • Low-Voltage power sources
  • Direct current sources like an electrically charged MARTA or other public transit rail

If you have been electrocuted, or a family member has suffered death by electrical shock, the negligent party may have to compensate the victim’s family by way of wrongful death damages.

Electrocution injuries are more common than you would imagine. Last year alone, there were at least four hundred and eleven deaths as a result of electrocution. The causes of these wrongful deaths were either from dangerous or defective electrical appliances or improper electrical wiring in homes.

Workplace accidents are also well known causes of electrocutions. A frequent fact pattern that we see on construction sites is when there is poor communication about whether or not there are live wires that are in contact with a conduit, like plumbing pipe. The plumbing crew may come into contact with a pipe that has electricity flowing through it when they are not properly informed of the risks.

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