Construction Accidents

Construction in Atlanta is a dangerous business and many workers are seriously injured or killed while simply doing their job on these sites. Electrical accidents, excavation or trench wall collapses, pneumatic nail injuries that result in death and serious bodily injury.

When a worker is injured on the job in Georgia, he or she often cannot make a claim against the employer for work related injuries, as those must be handled in a workers’ compensation claim under the Georgia Workers’ Compensation Act.

There are certain circumstances, however, in which an injured worker is permitted to recover for personal injury damages when a party who is not the direct employer is negligent or careless insofar as adhering to safety rules and regulations on the job site.

Our lawyers handles work-site accidents that range from:

  • scaffolding or ladder accidents, crane or crane load failures, hoist failures
  • Injuries caused by defective tools and equipment such has conveyors, scissor lifts, hand power tools
  • injuries involving forklift and forklift drivers, back hoes, tractors, bulldozers and other construction equipment
  • Electrocutions involving exposed wiring, electrified piping, overhead power lines
  • Excavation site accidents and collapses
  • Drilling or digging into underground power lines

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