Car Accidents

Understanding Motor Vehicle Accidents in Georgia

A motor vehicle accident case can involve car accidents, trucking accidents, motorcycle accidents, and other kinds of motor vehicle accident injuries. There are thousands of motor vehicle accidents in Georgia every year that involve truck drivers who are making deliveries or otherwise driving for an employer. Sadly, many trucking accidents result in wrongful death. A pedestrian struck by any type of vehicle who suffers serious injuries or a motor vehicle that runs a red light and causes an accident is also a typical case. Our car accident attorneys will diligently evaluate your claim and let you know what to expect in terms of settlement of in a court of law.

Determining Fault in Car Accident Cases

With many types of collisions, it is not always immediately known what the cause of the crash is. It may be the fault of one or both drivers; yet, in other cases, it may not even be the fault of the person driving the at-fault vehicle. Rather, there may be government liability if it is determined that a roadway was improperly designed or constructed or the cause could stem from a design or manufacturing defect of the car itself. McAleer Law’s lawyers are highly experienced and trained and can accurately determine who should be held responsible for causing a car wreck with injuries. Our experienced car accident lawyers will evaluate your case and diligently litigate all valid claims until it these cases are either settled or go to a jury for a verdict.

People who suffer personal injuries in an auto accident due to the fault of someone else are entitled to be compensated for their injuries. At The McAleer Law Firm, our attorneys evaluate each matter, whether large or small, and fight for what our clients are entitled to.

Common Injuries in Georgia Car Accidents

By far, the most common injury case we see as a result of a car accident is when one car hits another car from behind. These types of collisions are particularly harmful because, often, the occupants in the car that is struck do not know that they are going to be in a collision and cannot prepare or brace themselves for impact. When the neck or back is relaxed upon impact, it will whip more violently than when a person is braced for such impact. It is this violent whipping that often leads to serious and permanent injury in the neck and back.

Persons injured in car accidents in Atlanta often consult with McAleer Law because they get frustrated with the insurance company for the other driver. Often, these insurance companies refuse to believe that serious injured can result from low speed collisions when there are minimal signs of property damage. However, there is clinical research showing that even the slightest speeds at impact can lead to injury. In one such study, called the Brault study, forty-two test subjects were exposed to low-speed rear-end car crashes to determine whether and to what extent these occupants experienced whiplash symptoms. These test subjects were placed in a target vehicle and experienced collisions from the rear at just 2.5 and 5 miles per hour. Even after over one hundred collisions with the different test subjects at different speeds, there was no sign of property damage to the bumper on either car. Yet, despite these low speeds and no sign of property damage, approximately 29% of the subjects exposed to the 2.5 mph collision experienced whiplash symptoms and approximately 38% of the subjects exposed to the 5 mph collision experienced whiplash symptoms, which includes neck pain and stiffness and headaches.

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The McAleer Law Firm is willing to take all of its client’s cases to trial, even the so-called low speed or what insurance companies like to call “low impact cases”. This willingness means that our clients will be able to recover more money for their injuries than they would be able to recover with a firm that is not interested in taking all cases to trial. Often, if is only after a law suit is filed that injury victims get fair offers to settle their personal injury claims. To find out what your personal injury case might be worth, call The McAleer Law Firm today for a free consultation.

Client Testimonials
"I went to Charles after I was hit in a car accident last year. He, and especially his paralegals, were very considerate and actually cared about me. They helped me BIG time..My settlement was way more than I could even imagine. They are great about keeping you in the loop and getting your case done fast." Lauren
“Charles handled a personal injury suit that was primarily for symptoms that were not simple to demonstrate to the jury. Throughout the case Charles was professional and well prepared. We won an excellent settlement for this type of case.” Cindy
“After my case was turned down by several firms, I asked Mr. McAleer to review my case. He did, and he thought he could win it. The insurance company did not offer me one dime, even at trial and after the jury was deliberating. The Gwinnett jury returned a verdict in my favor for $300,000. I was in tears. I will always be thankful to Mr. McAleer for believing in my case and in me.” R.S.