Bicycle & Pedestrian Accidents

If you or a loved one was hit by a car when riding a bike, you need to know your rights. Georgia law has rules of the road that govern who has the right of way and who may be at fault for causing a collision between a bike and a motor vehicle.

It is crucial that you speak to an Atlanta bicycle injury lawyer so that important evidence is preserved and so that you do not waive many important rights which could foreclose your ability to get compensation for your injuries. Call now at 404.MCALEER.

Bicyclists abound in the metro Atlanta, Georgia area. The region in Georgia is popular among recreational and professional cyclists alike. You’ve often seen large group rides consisting of 40 or more cyclists and at the same time you see parents and their children just enjoying a leisurely tour in the neighborhood. Many streets in Atlanta don’t have bike lanes so this means that cyclists share the roads with cars, commercial trucks and other vehicles. Typical bike and cycling injury accidents involve careless drivers who are not attentive to cyclists.

Though it may not be apparent, cyclists and other bike riders have the same rights under the law to use our roadways as motor vehicles.

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  • Types of Bicycle Cases and Resulting Injuries
  • Other Common Injuries Sustained by Cyclists

If you have been injured because of another person’s actions or behavior, regardless of whether through negligence or intention, the law says you are entitled to be compensated. No matter the circumstances surrounding the incident or whether you honestly feel you may have contributed to what happened, when you have been injured in a pedestrian accident, you have rights.

We Take on the Difficult Cases — And Obtain Results

We at McAleer Law are here to see to it that your legal rights are protected every step of the way through a pedestrian accident liability claim. Whether you have suffered a traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injuries, or paralysis, we are here to help you recover the costs associated with your medical recovery. If the circumstances resulted in a fatal accident and you lose a loved one, we can also help prove liability and pursue a wrongful death case.

We have successfully represented clients whose cases were rejected by other attorneys who considered them “too difficult” or “too small” to take on.

We recently won a significant six-figure jury verdict for a man struck by a car while he was walking on the shoulder of a roadway with an adjacent sidewalk. Although he had been drinking enough to be considered intoxicated, and had chosen to walk in on the roadway instead of on the sidewalk, we successfully argued against the defendant’s claims and established our client’s right to be on the shoulder as a pedestrian. This example shows that even a hit-and-run accident can lead to maximum compensation opportunities.

See more notable case results.

It is not enough to go to court as prepared as your opponent. Insurance companies and defendants’ attorneys are focused on limiting your compensation and just settling your claim as soon as possible, even before you know the extent of your injury. We are focused on investigating the cause of your accident, hiring outside experts when necessary, and meticulously building a strong case on your behalf. Our goal is to see you receive the care and compensation that you need to begin to lay the groundwork for your recovery and future. We can also help you if you are having problems with your own insurer and they are unreasonably denying or delaying payment of your claims.

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