Airplane Accidents

According to the FAA air travel will likely double over the next 20 years. As air traffic increases, so do the risks associated with air travel. Statistically, air travel is considered to be the safest means of transportation, but accidents do occur, and when they do they often result in absolute tragedies. Less serious accidents involving small, private aircraft are more frequent than in large passenger liners.

Potentially liable parties vary depending on the cause of the aircraft accident. The owner and operator of the aircraft, the manufacturer of the aircraft, and the companies responsible for maintenance of the aircraft may each or all be liable in certain circumstances. The federal government insofar as its activities are related to aviation activity can also have some responsibility.

Pilot error is a frequent factor which causes aircraft crashes and injury accidents. Also, trouble with the aircraft or its components can also contribute to the crash or failure and thus contribute to the severity of injuries suffered by passengers. In these cases, the manufacturer of the vessel, the manufacturer the component parts, or the airline itself may share legal responsibility for the crashes and for the injuries caused accident under the legal theory of strict liability.

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